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"Schegge Di R" the new book by Roberta Camerino


 Roberta Camerino: "Today her daughter´s book comes out and gives us a faithful and affectionate image of her, preventing her from leaving the only space and the only time that belongs to her: that of vitality and life". With these words Vittorio Sgarbi begins the preface of the new book by the designer Roberta Camerino ", daughter of the unforgettable Giuliana Coen Camerino, who became known in the 1950s as Roberta Di Camerino".

I´ve known Roberta for two years, but it´s like we´ve always been friends, I´ve read her book, simple and fluent, where emotions, sensations, joy and suffering transpire. That "Di" in the brand that the mother had wanted to put to the new collection, has always created Roberta not a few identity crises. You have always lived a little behind the scenes even though with an important role: general manager since 1966.

"I have always considered my mother a genius and therefore I have always forgiven her mistakes, absences, little care of us children," says Roberta. It was hated, but also loved by many, in a short time it had conquered the world with its unmistakable bags. Bagonghi had become the bag from which the great Grace Kelly never separated. Many successes, it was the first that "invented" the show parades, presented every July at Polveriera, an island in the Venetian lagoon that he had purchased.

When the great artist Salvador Dali saw it for the first time, he said that his was "The real art in fashion".

While interviewing Roberta I perceive that she lived a little in the shadow of this "cumbersome" mother but that in any case has contributed slowly to make her strong and determined, even if she insists on calling herself "shy", I smile and congratulate her for that who lived, fortunately for having benefited from times that no longer exist now and for having had a happy life, a splendid husband and two special daughters.

In addition, she recently started a line of bags with a brand of her own: "DADHAI" by Roberta Camerino, which I am sure will be very successful because designed by her with commitment and made with refined materials, including the famous Venetian "Velvet". Best wishes Roberta!
The presentation took place at the NH Collection hotel in Genoa during a dinner organized by the Painter Elettra Spalla member of the Lions Club of Genoa.

Silvana Gavosto